Examination of the client's company on the subject of revealing the possible drain channels for commercial information. Recommendations on the erections of the technical facilities of protection.
Composing the technical requirement (TR) on equipping the premises of the Customer with protected-fire signalizing, video observing facilities and verifying the access.
Technical erection supervision of the technical facilities on conditions that this work is carried out by the outer companies.
Carrying out the planned and unplanned actions directed under the searching the technical facilities (fixed devices - F.D.) in the premises, capable in hidden transmitting commercial proprietary information, including: *
- Search acoustic and phone transmitters and video transmitters (the first examine level).
- Revelation FD of the 1st level and also stethoscope transmitters and network bookmarks (the second examine level).
- Revelation FD of any kinds, including FD with remote control (the third examine level).
Carrying out operative action for the using a discovered seepage channel for searching the customer and performers of introduction of fixed device and misinforming information, as required, with using of the possibilities of the Agency's detectives.
Destruction the fixed devices under the town telephone line.
Carrying out of the technical actions on the searching fixed devices in the car.
Carrying out of the technical actions for determination of loyalty of personnel in the offices of the company:
- installation of the local, hidden video camera with audio channel
- usage of video camera with audio channel
- record of video and audio information
- hidden installation of the video observing equipment with two hours recorder
- installation of a hidden mike
- usage of the hidden mike
- record of the audio information
- installation of FD under the phone line
- installation of FD, working on the alternating current
Carrying out of the actions directed on checking of the computers and computer networks on subject of drains commercial information.
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