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The Special Archive Funds is a new research project of Institute of Economic Security, based on investigation of archival materials borrowed within the Second world war. The great place is occupied also archival materials about different aspects of activity of the Soviet Military Government in Germany (1945-1949).

Researches are interesting not only scientifically, but also in the applied plan.

For example, the great interest can represent the funds containing the materials of the historical plan (earlier period of XI-XIX century), having vital importance for lines of the European countries. It is a lot of materials of financial character (European banks, funds and etc.). The materials concerning the property of the companies, societies and private persons.

Some examples of archival materials and opportunities of their practical use:

In case of interest to our projects, we can offer you the following kinds of informational services:

  • annotations of archival funds;
  • making of high-quality copies of archival documents;
  • selection of the documents.
  • selection of the documents for proceedings
  • legal support on tasks in view.

Applications direct to the address:

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